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MSCA Doctoral Network MiFuture "ultra-massive MIMO for future cell-free heterogeneous networks"

The European Industrial Doctoral Network “ultra-massive MIMO for future cell-free heterogeneous networks” (MiFuture), funded under the Horizon Europe MSCA call, will start on January 2024. It will open 15 positions for PhD candidates to develop their PhD in the institutions funded by the project.

The research topics for the offered positions are as follows:

1. Waveform design for joint communications and sensing (HIRED)

2. Non-coherent approaches for ultra-massive MIMO (HIRED)

3. Very low complexity implementations of ultra-massive MIMO (HIRED)

4. Channel estimation and tracking aided by positioning (HIRED)

5. mm-Wave positioning and sensing for aerial-user applications (HIRED)

6. Clutter characterization and cancellation in MIMO sensing via backscattered signals (HIRED)

7. AI-native procedures and protocols for Ultra Massive MIMO (HIRED)

8. Joint positioning and spatial resource allocation for cell free systems (HIRED)

9. Machine Learning methods for Cell-free systems in 6G networks (HIRED)

10. Positioning and tracking of non-connected objects for vehicular safety with mmW frequencies (HIRED)

11. Extrapolating channel models for ultra-massive MIMO using sparse measurement data (HIRED)

12. Sensing bounds and algorithms for perceptive cell-free networks with hybrid intelligent surfaces

13. Mid-band channel characterization for joint communication and sensing

14. Machine learning based environment awareness for enhanced communication and sensing

15. UE aspects of ultra-massive MIMO

Candidate profile

The candidates should have a university master’s degree and be eligible to enrol in a PhD program in the selected institution. Knowledge in fields related to Telecommunications (or closely related disciplines) is appreciated. A high level of English language is required. International experience is appreciated. Research experience and good communication skills are appreciated.


Competitive salary

Full time dedication with flexible working conditions

Application deadline: continuous evaluation until the position is filled

Contract duration: 36 months

Starting date: ASAP, preferably before June 2024

Non EU-candidates should have preferably an EU working permit

If you want to apply, please fill in the following form: Link to the form for applications Applications will be continuously evaluated from January 2024 upon reception, and online interviews will be organized with the selected candidates until the position is filled.